Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the "Double Diploma" are asked most often

1. How to get into the program?

If you are already studying at the European University or the EU Business College, you need to contact the Dean of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies Ryabtsev Vyacheslav Vitaliyovych  (Boul. Akad. Vernadskogo 16-V, Room 408) to determine the most optimal version of your participation in the program.

If you are only going to join the European University, you can simultaneously fill in the application form for entry into the Częstochowa High School of Linguistics (WSL) at the same time as filling in the EU membership documents at the Admissions Committee.

If for some reason you have not earned the required number of points for external training, this is not an obstacle to your path to higher education. Thanks to the partnership between the European University and the Higher Linguistic School (Czestochowa, Poland), you can join the WSL and study at the WSL Advisory Center created at the European University. To do this, at the Admissions Committee, you must complete the application form and submit the relevant documents

2. What documents are required to participate in the program?

The set of documents for participation in the program "Double Diploma" is similar to that which is submitted for admission to the Ukrainian university, namely:

  • application (form at the admissions committee);
  • passport or birth certificate;
  • identification code;
  • education document;
  • photos;
  • receipts for payment.

The difference lies in the mandatory issuance of a passport or travel document of the child. The fact is that becoming a true student of any Polish institution can only be in Poland. Program participants undertake to attend sessions at WSL at least once a year. During the first departure they receive all the documents of the Polish student (a student card, a certificate stating that he is a WSL student, a certificate of subjects from which classes are held during the session).

3. How long does the processing of documents last?

Registration of documents consists of 3 stages:

  • Completing the academic affairs - collecting all the necessary documents (European University);
  • translation of documents into Polish and their nostrification by a Polish notary (engaged in "Ukrainian-Polish Center for Academic Exchanges", with which the European University has entered into an agreement);
  • registration of student papers (WSL).

In case of timely submission of all documents, this process takes 1.5-2 months, but in any case, the student receives the documents personally while visiting the WSL.

4. What is the duration of training?

The length of the program of the licensee (analogous to our bachelor's degree) in Poland lasts 3 years, magistracy - 2 years. However, taking into account the fact that a student of the European University - a participant of the "Double Diploma" program is simultaneously a WSL student of distance learning, the length of the training under the license program will be for our students for 4 years. For masters, the training will last for 2 years, including long-term practice at Polish enterprises.

5. What is the full cost of the program?

To date, the cost of training under the "Double Diploma" program is € 300 per year (+ to the cost of studying at the European University). In addition (one-time) the services of the "Ukrainian-Polish Center for Academic Exchanges" for the execution of documents are paid (see p.4). This fee is € 150. Separate paid trips at the session, but prices are quite moderate. According to the experience of the first winter session:

  • visa - free of charge;
  • transportation costs (comfortable tourist bus on the route Kiev - Czestochowa - Kiev) - $ 100;
  • The stay at the hostel (8 nights) cost € 45 for the whole period. Breakfast was included in the price (sandwiches with sausage and cheese, buns, vegetables, eggs, tea / coffee);
  • Full meal in the student's dining room (first, second and compote) - 10 zloty (about € 4).

6. How is the organization of stay in Poland organized?

Departure to Poland is carried out centrally by renting comfortable bands for this purpose, accompanied by a senior group (employee of the European University, appointed by the rector). In Poland, all students from Ukraine, as well as representatives of not only the European University (last year were represented by the State Enterprise Dragomanov, Lugansk National University, Ternopil and Melitopol Pedagogical Universities - only about 100 students from Ukraine), compactly settled down to the hostel. After breakfast in the hostel, which is accompanied by an older group, students come to the WSL for classes. Training sessions are planned daily (except weekends). Usually it is 3 pairs with a break for lunch (the pair lasts about 2 astronomical hours). After classes, as a rule, students have free time to get acquainted with the city. Częstochowa is considered not only the spiritual center of Poland, but also the third most important religious center (after Rome and Lourdes), so there is something to look for. One evening, an informal meeting between students from Ukraine and the WSL rector, Dr. Caesar Voshinsky, is required.

7. How many times a year you need to travel to Poland?

Mandatory minimum is one trip per year (winter or summer), but it is better to plan 2 trips per year.

8. How much time does each trip take?

Winter session lasts 1 working week (+ day of arrival / departure day), and in summer - 2 working weeks.

9. What will we do there?

To study Moreover, according to completely unusual techniques: business games, psychological training, even games - quests. There are no ordinary lectures for us in the traditional sense of them. Everything is very active and interactive.

Communicate not only with WSL teachers, but also with Polish students and colleagues from other universities in Ukraine.

To join Polish culture and European mentality. Numerous museums (some quite peculiar, for example, a museum of production of matches), galleries, cultural monuments of Czestochowa will undoubtedly expand your outlook. Communicating with ordinary residents of the city, observing the rhythm of local life will allow you to independently evaluate all the benefits (or the disadvantages) of the so-called European choice.

10. Is there a critical ignorance of Polish?

The experience of the first session showed that ignorance of the Polish language is not sufficiently significant at the initial stage. Some classes were conducted with the help of translators, part in English. A little later, it became clear that our students understood the teacher who communicated with them well in Polish. However, it should be noted that mastering the Polish language during the study is a prerequisite for obtaining a Polish diploma. WSL offers its students some distance courses in Polish, but, in our opinion, these courses should be accompanied by classes in regular courses.

11. Are any courses of the Polish language organized for the program participants?

Yes, such courses are organized by the "Ukrainian-Polish Center for Academic Exchanges" with a reduced rate for students of the European University - participants of the "Double Diploma" program.


12. What are the specialties offered in WSL?

For today, according to the results of the harmonization of curricula, for students of the European University, WSL offers training in the following specialties:

  • Management and management in the firm
  • International Economic Relations
  • Development strategies and economic consulting
  • Finance and Banking
  • Administration of computer networks and security of computer systems
  • Information technology in the company and e-business
  • Designing and managing web services

Formation of study groups in specialties is carried out in the presence of a specified minimum number of applications.

13. What are the prospects involved in the program?

Students of the European University participating in the "Double Degree" program receive:

  • New interesting learning experience
  • Additional language (Polish)
  • Diploma of the European Union together with the diploma of Ukraine
  • Participation in academic exchange programs:

 Studying up to 1 semester in partner universities (50 universities in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, etc.) with a European Union scholarship

Practice at EU-funded enterprises with scholarship

  • Free Student Schengen Visa
  • Financial privileges on a par with EU students, including when traveling by EU countries
  • Employment Opportunity in Poland

14. Is there a possibility to transfer to full study in Poland (living there and studying in WSL)?

Yes, such a possibility exists, since a student of the European University - a participant of the "Double Diploma" program is simultaneously a student of WSL distance learning. However, if such a student is transferred to the WSL for on-the-job training, then he ceases to be a student of the European University and all financial, legal, property, and other matters will be settled between him and the WSL in general for the order of foreign students.

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