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Procedure for recognition of foreign educational documents

For the entry into force of a foreign education document in Ukraine for continuing education, it is necessary to go through the procedure of recognition of education documents.

 The procedure of recognition in Ukraine of educational documents issued by educational institutions of other countries provides:

  1. Authentication of foreign documents submitted for recognition of education, ie verification of authenticity of the fact of study and receipt of educational document.
  2. Verification of the official recognition of the educational institution that issued the educational document to the education system of the country to which it belongs.  This stage involves checking the existence of a certificate of state accreditation of the educational institution and licenses at the time of issuing the educational document.
  3. Establishing the equivalence of the qualification specified in the foreign education document to the requirements for educational or qualification levels of the education system of Ukraine.

Conditions presentation of foreign educational document for the recognition procedure


  1. Application for the recognition procedure (See Annex 1 - application form). Warning!  The said application shall be completed and signed by the applicant.  Please complete the application in Ukrainian clearly, legibly, without corrections.
  2. Application-consent for verification of personal data. Warning!  The consent statement is completed and signed by the owner of the foreign educational document.  Please complete the application in English (See Annex 2 - Application Form).
  3. Consent to the processing of personal data (from the owner and the applicant - representative of the university) (See Annex 3 - application form).  Warning!  The upper part of this application is filled in and signed by the owner of the foreign educational documents, the lower one by the applicant.
  4. Certified in accordance with the procedure established by law (notary) copy and translation in Ukrainian of a legalized foreign document on education (Academic certificate, certificate of full secondary education. If necessary - presentation of originals).
  5. Copies of documents (passport), certifying the identity of the applicant and the owner of the foreign educational document, if the owner is not the applicant (with translations into Ukrainian if necessary).

Documents for recognition may be submitted by the owner or other person (representative of the university) who represents his interests in the procedure of recognition.

If the applicant is a university applicant, the holder of the documents additionally pays the cost of the service at the university cash desk.

 As a result of the recognition procedure, the holder of foreign educational documents receives a certificate confirming the right of the holder of documents issued by an educational institution of another country to continue his education.

 According to the current legislation of Ukraine, the procedure for recognition of educational documents issued by educational institutions of other countries is obligatory.

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