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Welcome to the Department of Cybersecurity and Information Systems Protection!
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv, 15 v Koltsova Boulevard

The Department of Cybersecurity and Information Systems Management was established in May 2002 and trains specialists in cybersecurity in specialty 125 "Cyber Security".
As part of the bachelor's degree program in 125 Cybercrime, the department collaborates with the American company RAYTER INC., Dallas, Texas USA and adapted the learning process so that future specialists after graduating from the university would be able to obtain a bachelor's or master's degree, as well as professional CISSP cybersecurity certifications . The CISSP certificate gives you the opportunity to work as a cybersecurity expert in the global flagship of the IT industry and other companies, not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

By choosing Specialty 125 "Cyber Security", you will receive the knowledge and skills that will be used in:

  • organization of information security and cyber security services of enterprises and institutions;
  • monitoring of information security;
  • development and maintenance of security and cyber defense systems;
  • development of modern methods for the protection of information and communication systems, etc.;
  • obtaining internationally recognized CISSP cybersecurity certificates.
  • The main purpose of the department is
  • training of highly skilled specialists who are able to develop and use modern methods and means of protection of cyberspace.
  • The training of bachelors and masters of the department of cybersecurity and management of information systems protection is carried out in the specialty 125 "Cyber Security", the field of knowledge - 12 "Information Technologies".

The curriculum in the specialty includes the following disciplines:

  • Programming technology
  • Information Security Risk Management
  • Architecture and security models
  • Legislation in the field of information security
  • Cryptographic protection
  • Providing telecommunication security
  • Access control
  • Security of development and support of applications
  • Security during the operation and maintenance of IT systems
  • Business continuity and recovery after accidents
  • Investigation of incidents of information security
  • Cloud security applications
  • Licensing and certification of information security
  • Cybernetic security of enterprises
  • Competitive advantages of the department:
  • possibility of obtaining CISSP certificate;
  • improvement of language training and experience of international communication;

Head of Department

Valeriy Lakhno - the head of the department, doctor of technical sciences, professor.Has 25 years of experience in scientific and pedagogical activity. He is the author of more than 150 scientific and methodological works, among them: the monograph "Protecting Automated Information Systems of Transport Enterprises with the Strengthening of Transportation", "The Information of Protection in Automated System on Transport", "Theory of Digital Automata" published by Springer Publishing, " Applied Theory of Digital Machines ", a tutorial" Applied Theory of Digital Automata. Workshop for students in the field of training "Information and communication systems security".Scientific interests: cybersecurity, information technologies, protection of critical information infrastructure of

the state, information security incident management.
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