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Among various private institutions of higher education, the European university is one among the first and most popular.

Over 25 years of its activity university has won considerable authority in educational and business spheres. Today the European university is modern and multidiscipline institution of higher education.
Tens of thousands of future specialists are trained here on different forms of education. University graduates occupy top positions in various enterprises, companies and organizations both in Ukraine and abroad.

European university was founded in 1991 by Timoshenko family. Since the first day of its creation the university is headed by Ivan Tymoshenko, professor and Chairman of Association of Ukrainian private educational establishments, Honored worker of education, acting member (an academician) of the International academy of authors of scientific inventions, Emeritus Professor of International University (Vienna) and Ukrainian-American liberalists institute «Wisconsin international university (USA) Ukraine».

European university is one of the biggest private universities with over 10 thousand students, including foreigners from 15 countries. This is the only establishments of higher education with non-stop system of education starting from kindergarten to university.

International educational preparatory center for foreign applicants and postgraduate course for preparation of specialists of high qualification are functioning in university. University offers junior specialist, bachelor and master diplomas within the following spheres: “Culture”, “Law”, “Economics and Enterprise”, “Management and administration”, “Art”, “Informatics and computer engineering”, “Informational  Security”, “Management of Enterprises Security”.

University cooperates with foreign institutions of higher education. In cooperation with universities of Great Britain, France, Germany, and Spain it has participated in the development of preparation course of business administration and information technology according to the grant «Tempus / Tacis» JEP 2350-2002.

Modern content of education, innovative forms, included into educational process, which involve computer technologies and training forms allow preparing specialists of European level. Postgraduate studies and specialized scientific council are functioning within university.

List of specialization for foreigners

Faculties Title of specialization
Faculty of Economics  and Management Economics
Finance, banking affairs
Accounting and tax legislation
Faculty of Enterprises Security Cyber security
Менеджмент безопасности предприятий
Faculty of Law Law (jurisprudence)
Faculty of Information Systems and Technology Computer sciences
Information, Library and Information Science
Software engineering
Show business («showbiz») institute Choreography
Musical art
Business college Information, Library and Information Science
Economics of Enterprises
Accounting and tax legislation
Finance, banking affairs
Law (jurisprudence)
Software engineering

Documents required for foreign citizen to enter the university:

For entrance to the European University a foreign citizen directs to the admission office of higher education institution the application on the letterhead of the established form. Foreign student should attach to the application following documents:

  1. document (original and copy) of previous higher education (education and qualification) grades, on basis on which enrollment is taking place;
  2. annex of document (original and copy) of previous educational (education and qualification) level, on basis on which enrollment is taking place (if available);
  3. transcript of Records, issued by the foreign/Ukrainian institution (in case of transfer or resuming studies, transcript of record should be submitted starting from the second year);
  4. original and copies of document, which inform about the content of educational program of previous degree (level) of higher education, obtained loans, duration of education and success in the educational disciplines when enter it for obtaining the master degree or postgraduate studies;
  5. copy of a passport of foreign citizen or document, which would be used as proof of stateless person;
  6. medical insurance policy, if not otherwise provided by an international agreement to which the Ukraine is party;
  7. 6 photographs, size 60 х 40 mm;
  8. copy of document of foreign Ukrainian status.

The documents indicated in 1 – 5 paragraphs should be submitted in Ukrainian with notarization.

The documents indicated in 1 – 4 paragraphs, should be notarized in the country of origin in accordance to the officially legislation which applied in this country and must be legalized by the relevant foreign organization of Ukraine if not otherwise provided by an international agreement to which the Ukraine is party.

Elements of online education are introduced into educational process of European University.

At the International Education Centre of the European University works the Preparatory Department.

International students of European University have the opportunity to reside in comfortable rooms can eat in the cafe and dining-rooms of university, can also work out at the fitness centre and relax.

The European University has the Counseling Centers in such countries, as Georgia (Tbilisi), Azerbaijan (Baku) and Poland (Dąbrowa Górnicza).


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