• University Preparatory Department

University Preparatory Department
(introduction and conditions of study)

 Duration of study - 10 months.

 The program of the preparatory department includes:

  • studying Ukrainian, Russian or English;
  • In-depth study of the basic disciplines of a comprehensive school.

The following documents must be submitted to the Entrance Preparatory Division:

  • application form of the established sample;
  • original and copy of the document on previous education;
  • the original and a copy of the document (annex to the educational document), which contains information on academic achievement;
  • a copy of the passport document of the foreigner or other identification document, certified by a notarized translation into Ukrainian;
  • copy of birth certificate;
  • a medical certificate of health status, certified by the official health authority of the country from which the foreigner came, issued not later than two months before entering the study in Ukraine;
  • valid one-year health insurance policy;
  • 6 matt color photo cards 3,5x4,5 in size.

Copies of the above documents must have a notarized translation into Ukrainian.

Educational documents of foreign applicants, issued by educational institutions of other countries, must undergo a mandatory recognition procedure at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Payment for the recognition procedure is made by the customer-foreigner.

In the absence of confirmation of the authenticity and / or equivalence of the foreign educational document, the university shall deduct its owner.

Training at the Preparatory Department is conducted in accordance with the work programs developed on the basis of standard programs.

The curricula and programs of the Preparatory Department of the European University meet national standards and requirements.  Each discipline taught at the Preparatory Department has the necessary block of educational and methodological documentation: work programs, methodical instructions for practical, laboratory and independent classes, textbooks, manuals, methodical recommendations, dictionaries, etc.

The University Library has a sufficient number of manuals and textbooks in the disciplines taught at the Preparatory Department.

 Formation of academic groups in the Preparatory Department occurs as students arrive for training.

 Following the successful completion of the Preparatory Branch, foreign nationals receive a certificate of official state design.  Graduates of the Preparatory Department may also enroll in other higher education institutions of Ukraine that have a relevant license.

 Foreign nationals who have passed the training course at the Preparatory Department and have not passed the examinations may enter for re-education.

Teachers of the preparatory department

Chumak Valentina - Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social and Humanities.

 Skrypnyk Tamara -  Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities.

 Soldatova Lyudmila - Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social and Humanities.

 Goncharova Natalia - Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Humanities.

 Vasenkov Oleksandr - Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Conditions for entering the postgraduate study in 2019


from the following specialties:

  • 051 Economics;
  • 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • 073 Management
  • 075 Marketing
  • 081 Right

 Documents required for foreign citizen to enter the university:

For entrance to the European University a foreign citizen directs to the admission office of higher education institution the application on the letterhead of the established form.

Foreign student should attach to the application following documents:

  1. document (original and copy) of previous higher education (education and qualification) grades, on basis on which enrollment is taking place;
  2. annex of document (original and copy) ofpreviouseducational (education and qualification) level, on basis on which enrollment is taking place (if available);
  3. transcript of Records, issued by the foreign/ukrainian institution (in case of transfer or resuming studies, transcript of record should be submitted starting from the second year);
  4. original and copies of document, wichinformaboutthecontentofeducationalprogramofpreviousdegree (level) ofhighereducation, obtainedloans, durationofeducationand success in the educational disciplineswhen enter it for obtaining the master degree or postgraduate studies;
  5. copy of a passport offoreigncitizenordocument, which would be used as proof of stateless person;
  6. medical insurance policy, if not otherwise provided by an international agreement to which the Ukraine is party;
  7. 6 photographs, size 60 х 40 mm;
  8. copy of document of foreign ukrainian status.

The documents indicated in 1 – 5 paragraphs should be submitted in Ukrainian with notarization.


Admission of foreigners staying in Ukraine for the purpose of studying are enrolled in the postgraduate study program for the degree of doctor of philosophy throughout the year.

The term of study in postgraduate study is 4 years.


For help, contact the postgraduate and doctoral department of the European University.

Acceptance of documents at:
03155, Kiev, subway "Svyatoshin", Kiev
boulevard Academician Vernadsky, 16-th
Tel .: (044) 423-00-51 (add 224), 450 - 64-90.
Fax: (044) 452-35-68
E-mail: aspirant@kyiv.e-u.in.ua

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