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The main mission of the Department of Management and Marketing is to provide high-quality professional training of specialists in accordance with industry standards of higher education, maximum satisfaction of the needs of consumers (students) in obtaining professional knowledge, skills and skills in the chosen specialty, and end consumers (employers) - high-quality specialists.

Students are trained in management specialties using innovative technologies and teaching methods, including: case-olds, teamworks, training courses and business games.  The lectures make extensive use of modern multimedia and computer technologies.

For future management specialists all opportunities for professional skills in the following fields of knowledge are created:

  • Logistics management
  • Crisis management
  • Investment management
  • Projective management
  • Strategic management
  • Operational management
  • International management
  • Educational management and management of the knowledge industry
  • Creative management

The department has an extensive network of educational and industrial practice bases, established active cooperation in similar departments in leading educational establishments of Ukraine and far beyond its borders



Marketing is, first and foremost, a vocation.  What internal satisfaction can marketing have as a profession and what personal qualities does it require from the person who chooses this path?

To be a marketer:

- is an opportunity for self-expression and creative realization.

When creating an idea, a marketer uses all his or her personal abilities.  When marketing an advertising slogan or juice package, the marketer first appeals to his feelings.  He creates by using intuition, inspiration and insight.  The result is a unique product that was impossible to calculate or predict in advance.

- is a way of self-improvement.

Creating innovative ideas, a person can develop in many ways, which gives him the opportunity to master the abilities and skills in various fields of activity: psychology (when finding out what really drives consumers in the process of buying a product);  sociology (during consumer surveys, market research);  philosophy and literature (when creating advertising texts and slogans).

- is a collaboration with a wide professional audience.

By the type of its activity, the marketer meets and communicates with people of different professional interests.  These are business executives, entrepreneurs, PR managers, directors, journalists and TV and radio hosts.


The curriculum for the specialty includes the following disciplines:

  • Marketing researches
  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Advertising management
  • Creative marketing
  • Industrial marketing
  • Freight Studies
  • Commodity innovation policy
  • Commodity market infrastructure
  • Marketing pricing
  • International marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Crisis marketing
  • Project marketing
  • Logistics management
  • Branding
  • Marketing management
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing of information products and services


Specialists in the specialty "Marketing" may hold the following positions:

  • manager-entrepreneur and specialist of individual, family and private enterprises;
  • a specialist in methods of expanding the market;
  • sales representative, regional representative;
  • the marketer;
  • market analytics;
  • product manager;
  • Sales Manager;
  • Product Promotion Manager;
  • advertising manager;
  • Public Relations Manager.


The composition of the department


The head of the department is Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor - Shostakovska Antonina

In 2007, she graduated from the European University Higher Education Degree in Accounting and Auditing.  In 2013, she defended her dissertation on the topic: "Utility Cost Management".  In 2018, she defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Formation of quality control system for the development of industrial enterprises". She holds a Doctor of Economics degree in specialty 08.00.04 - Economics and Management of Enterprises (by type of economic activity).

Author of more than 70 printed scientific works, including 3 monographs.

Basic courses: Management, Controlling, Quality Management, Enterprise Development Management.

Areas of research: management, quality management development, cost management

Vorotina Lyudmila Ivanivna, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine.

Core Courses: Management, Business Planning, Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Areas of research: individual enterprise reproduction enterprise economics, management, small business.

Co-author, with professors from Germany, the first textbook in Ukraine: D. Bormann, L. Vorotina, R. Federmann "Management. Entrepreneurial activity in a market economy" (Hamburg, Germany).

More than 300 scientific and methodical works have been published - monographs, textbooks, articles.

Preferences: Theatrical art.

Vasyutkina Nataliya Doctor of Economic Sciences

  • Scientific-pedagogical experience of activity - 12 years.
  • Author of more than 90 printed scientific works, of which 3 monographs, 2 manuals with the MES stamp.
  • Advanced training: Internship in France under the TEMPUS CD_JEP 23250-2002 Master Business Administration & Information Technologies program, Evry, 2006;  seminar “Change Management”, I. Adizes School of Business, 2009;  "Mini-MBA Professional" under the program of additional professional education "Fundamentals of the system model of enterprise management", Moscow, 2013.

Preferences: classical music, art photography

Main publications of Vasyutkina NV

Farhshatova Olga

Associate Professor of Management, Candidate of Economic Sciences

Basic courses: enterprise potential management, crisis management

Areas of Research: Adaptive Management, Corporate Culture, Competitive Advantages, Mechanical Engineering, Fuel and Energy Enterprises.

Pedagogical experience in higher education 8 years.

During the period of scientific activity 30 scientific works were published, including 8 - in professional editions.In the practical activity of the educational process, in the classes he actively introduces modern means of new information technologies, including lectures with the use of multimedia tools, interactive methods (simulation of situations, solving creative problems, brainstorming, case-methods, joint problem solving, participation in discussions  , business games) and preparation of research projects.  This approach activates the implementation of the ideas of progressive learning.

Preferences: active sports, reading books, music, foreign languages, psychology

Main publications:

  1. Farkhshatova OV  Analysis of the definitions of the adaptive approach to managing the competitive advantages of the enterprise / OV.  Farchshatova // Economic problems and prospects of stabilization of Ukrainian economy: Sat.  scientific  tr.  - No.  1: At 2 am, part 2 / NAS of Ukraine.  Institute of Industrial Economics;  Edkol: Zemlyankin AI  (ed.) and others - Donetsk, 2008. - P. 353-366.  http://iep.com.ua
  2. Farkhshatova OV  The mechanism of adaptive management of competitive advantages of the enterprise / OV  Farhshatova // Scientific Bulletin of Chernivtsi National University: Collection of scientific works.  No.  494. Economics.  - Chernivtsi: Chernivtsi Nat.  Univ., 2009, pp. 115-121.  http://lawreview.chnu.edu.ua
  3. Farkhshatova OV  Scientific and methodological approach to adaptive management based on the synthesis of regulators competitive advantage European Applied Sciences Wissenschaftliche.  - Zeitschrift No. 2. - 2013 (January) Volume 2, - P. 176-180.  www.anopremier.ru
  4. Farkhshatova OV  Analysis of Approaches to Adaptive Management of Competitive Advantages of Industrial Enterprise / OV.  Farhshatova // Scientific journal "Intelligence XXI": № 1 / 2'2009.  - Donetsk: SPD Kupriyanov VS, 2009 - P. 100-110.  http://intelligence.org.ua
  5. Farkhshatova OV, Grozny IS  Analysis of the structure of competitive advantage of the enterprise and the relationship of each of its elements /
  6. Grozny, OV  Farhshatova // Development of Financial Methods of Public Administration of the National Economy: Collected Science / DonSUU.  - Donetsk: DonSUU, 2010. - T. XI.  - P. 322-337.  http://uprav.dnmu.ru
  7. Farkhshatova OV, Grozny IS  Application of system of indicators and integral indicator for estimation of the state of competitive advantage of the enterprise / IS.  Grozny, OV  Farhshatova // Development of Financial Methods of Public Administration of the National Economy: Collected Science / DonSUU.  - Donetsk: DonSUU, 2011. - Vol. XII.  - 387 p.  - P. 210-221.  http://uprav.dnmu.ru

Olga Rusinova, Candidate of Science (Economics), Associate Professor of Management.

Since 2015, Olga has been working at the European University at the Department of Management.  14 years of experience in higher education.

During this period, a complex of educational and methodological support in the following subjects was developed and taught:

  • business planning;
  • FEA management;
  • risk management;
  • strategic management;
  • international management.

During the period of scientific activity, 30 scientific papers have been published.

Preferences: Theatrical art.

Tarasova Anna Vladimirovna, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Management.

Since 2015, Anna has been working at the European University.

Teaching experience in higher education institutions for 10 years, including 2 years at the European University.

In 2015, she received the title of Assistant Professor.

The main subjects that he teaches are:

  • Management;
  • Management of small business enterprises;
  • HR.

During the classes, he actively introduces modern information technologies into the educational process, including on-line lectures, distance learning, as well as interactive methods such as business games, situational tasks, case studies, moderation, small group work, multimedia and interactive use.  boards, etc.

Preferences: foreign languages, theater, live music, sports, gardening, psychology.

Khristina Tyshchuk, Candidate of Science (Economics), Senior Lecturer in Management.

Since 2008 Hristina Mikhailovna studied at the postgraduate course of the European University, in 2013 - defended her PhD thesis, since 2014 - as a Senior Lecturer in Management.

Teaches subjects:

  • Personnel management;
  • image management;
  • Management of business activities;
  • Modeling of management decisions.

The area of ​​professional scientific interests are: enterprise management, formation of image of enterprises, effective personnel management, basics of commercial activity, rural green tourism.

Scientific activity is accompanied by the writing of scientific papers published in professional journals and presented at scientific and practical conferences.

Preferences: sports, tourism, painting, embroidery

Educational and professional programs "MANAGEMENT"


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